The core philosophy of McQuaid & Company Real Estate Services is applying a unique and different “angle” to everything the company does, which we call taking it to the “Mth Degree...”


What accomplishment are you most proud of in 2018?
I am most proud of our ability (as a boutique real estate firm) to over-come adversity and figure out a way to maintain strength in our marketplace. We were blessed to be nominated by Inman News (our Global Real Estate News Source) as “Most Innovative Brokerage” in the Country! In addition, we have pioneered the entire state of Florida in launching the first “voice activated” search for real estate through the Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and Google Home. These devices are quickly becoming a staple in our lives and it makes sense that people will soon be asking for assistance in a real estate search from them as well… Simply ask Alexa to “open real estate” (you may have to enable the Voicester skill on your app) and search all of Lee and Collier County with ease. Try it out, it’s super cool! We, as a company, hope to lead and better the industry by example as time goes on ...


What will you base your success on for 2019?
As a company, we will continue to keep a finger on the pulse of the future of our industry, but will focus daily on the present. We will continue to think outside of the box and find our own stamp on bettering the industry not only locally, but nationwide. We will broaden our vision for success, try our hardest to stay ten steps ahead, rest easier in knowing there is hope for tomorrow and sprinkle everything we do with a touch of innovation to ensure what we do shines and, most importantly, stands out!

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